Unique Benefits Advisor Approach

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Employee Benefits Tailored to Your Grocery Business & Workforce

Unique Benefits Advisor Approach

Attract Top Talent · Comply With ACA · Manage Benefits Expenses

Benefits Designed For Your Business

An attractive and affordable employee benefits package has become essential to growth for most small-medium sized business. But shifting healthcare and labor laws make it even more difficult to figure out the right employee benefits package to meet your objectives.

Personal Benefits Concierge

At the heart of our benefits advisor approach is your Personal Employee Benefits Concierge – a real person who works with you to understand your business objectives, budget and workforce.

Your Personal Employee Benefits Concierge can apply their knowledge of business, HR compliance and healthcare regulations to help you evaluate, select and manage quality health, retirement and specialty benefits for your employees.

Advisor Approach

We’ve designed SMB’s unique benefits advisor approach to address your business objectives, budget and workforce makeup.